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About BOLD Marketing

We started BOLD Marketing with a vision. The vision was to help all businesses get to the next level through going digital.

Founded by Hershel and Izzy, both have specific individual assets to bring to the table.

Hershel brings creative digital marketing experience and an out-of-the-box approach. Izzy has years of experience, wisdom and knowledge in running multiple successful businesses.

Together, they provide the necessary one-two-punch to help other businesses grow.

What We Offer


SEO + Websites

Getting online is the first step. Having your own website allows you to be found online, instead of relying solely on foot traffic.

Bold Marketing is currently working on a website template which can be easily customized for tattoo parlors anywhere.

If you already have your website, we would be happy to consult with you regarding search engine optimization (SEO). Bold Marketing has the experience and knowledge needed to teach your business what needs to be done to reach your fullest online potential.

Social Media

Social Media

We’re sure you are already aware of the importance of having a social media presence.  Sometimes, keeping up with the posting and community engagement can be daunting and time-consuming,.

Focusing on image-based platforms, Bold Marketing offers specifically curated social media packages with tattoo and piercing parlors in mind to help stay front of mind to your fans potential clients.


Online Advertising

Sometimes, the website and/or social media pages can get stagnant. While your tattoos work as walking promotions, it still may be a good idea to promote your business online.

Bold Marketing will work with any advertising budget to execute digital marketing strategies that will help generate more business.

Our Work

Our Work

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